From increased retention to significantly better outcomes, we all know that immersive learning works. But how do you select the right 360 camera and create videos that are effective? After all, you need your immersive learning investment to get results!

In this free webinar, Marcelo Lewin, Immersive Content Specialist and Founder of, offers guidance to help you get comfortable creating 360 videos. He’ll help you understand what equipment you need, how it works, and what it takes to make your eLearning videos get the outcome you want. 



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About Me

I'm Marcelo Lewin, the founder of How To Create VR.

I remember the day I put on my first HMD and how it affected me emotionally. I literally could not stop thinking about VR and how we will use it in the future to interact with all our devices. VR / AR will dramatically change how we work
and live in the next 10 years.

How to Create 
360 Video

Marcelo Lewin

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