Why Your Organization Needs an Immersive Tech/VR Strategy Today

with Marcelo Lewin, from HowToCreateVR.com


It's not “IF”, it's “WHEN”! Immersive technologies (VR, augmented reality, & mixed reality) are showing results in improved performance, greater empathy, increased training efficiency, and lower operational costs. But it all starts with a plan.

The Future Has Arrived & Starts HERE

In this free webinar video, Marcelo Lewin, Immersive Technologies Evangelist, Creator, Producer and Founder of HowToCreateVR.com, demystifies how Immersive Technologies work. He'll show you which companies are using these technologies now, explain why your organization needs a strategy today (before your competition sets theirs), and provide actionable next steps.


About Me

I'm Marcelo Lewin, the founder of How To Create VR.

I remember the day I put on my first HMD and how it affected me emotionally. I literally could not stop thinking about VR and how we will use it in the future to interact with all our devices. VR / AR will dramatically change how we work
and live in the next 10 years.

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